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Well Said... Merry Christmas

A "Why" Christmas

December 12, 2012
I’m Dreaming of a “Why” Christmas
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I recently heard a little girl sweetly singing a Christmas carol to the top of her lungs.  She had her angelic face tilted just perfectly, her eyes closed, and with all the gusto her 9 year old heart could muster, she belted out “I’m dreaming of a‘why’ Christmas!”   Not quite the Bing Crosby version most of us have grown up with, but perhaps the more appropriate one for those who face the holiday season with infertility.

There are so many, many “whys” during the holidays.  The strong emphasis placed on family relationships during this time of year spotlights the whys your heart carries.  Why can some people have babies so easily yet I am facing another year childless?  Why did my baby not survive yet another chose to abort?  Why does God choose to grant a healthy pregnancy to someone who calls her baby an “accident” when I have done any and every thing I can do to conceive and nothing has worked?  Why?  Why?  Why?

Are you struggling with a “Why Christmas” this year?  If so, then I encourage you to consider “Why Christmas?”  Why did God give us Christmas?  Imagine if you will, that an amazing miracle would occur today, and your doctor would call you and say that according to your latest test results you are perfectly pregnant.  All your hormone levels are exactly as they should be and  the next nine months are blissfully filled with your bulging belly and growing baby.  You give birth to a perfect child and all is right with the world.  You cannot believe the love your heart hold for this miracle in the flesh who has your eyes and your husband’s chin.  

However, in the greatest act of love imaginable, you hand this much desired baby over to someone else.  The love you hold for you baby is incomprehensible, but you know the other person will perish if you do not give them your child, and you cannot bear the thought, so with more compassion that you ever dreamed possible, you give them the gift of the baby you have desired so long.  This person doesn’t even know your name, doesn’t love your baby, and really doesn’t even care that this child exists.  You give your child to someone else because you know they need your baby to survive, and they don’t even realize it.  They look at you as if you’ve lost your mind, and they tell you they don’t want your baby and walk away.  

Can you imagine loving another person so much that you’d give your baby to them?  God can.  

God loves you so much, He gave His Baby to you on Christmas.  He gave you His Baby because He knew you needed Him to survive.   For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)  He knew your heart would be filled with so many “whys” this Christmas and you needed God Emmanuel, God with you. That’s why God gave Christmas.  

If your heart is filled with all the whys of infertility, and you’re dreaming of a “why Christmas”, remind yourself of why God gave us Christmas.  He loves us.  He gave us His Baby.  God Emmanuel.  God with us.  God with us through the good time.  God with us in the bad times.  God with us at the doctor’s offices.  God with us when the periods starts and the pregnancy tests are negative.  God with us through the tearful nights.  God with us in good times.  God with us when family celebrations are too hard.  He is God with us because God gave us His Son that first Christmas night.  God with us to make a way for sins to be forgiven so we can be with Him for eternity.

That is why God gave us Christmas.


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Oh Sharlie! That was an amaing blog. Love yoU!

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Thanks, Ashley! I need to get back to blogging. Has been a long break!